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Old Liao heart way:"Check with Lao Tze several years of kitchen nerve, the first room affirmation is a locker room."Leave him recent one person also have far more than ten riceses, be being devoted to slice vegetables, basically don't discover intruding into of guest who comes uninvited.Leave to still have very far distance such as Qiu but the 99th floors here, guard against isn't very tight, look on the contrary very relaxed.Two temporary spies can drill into a locker room smoothly, don't arrive the small room of ten square meters, or so each two rowses lock of keep a thing cabinet, luckily the chair up still throws several white big robes that was stained with greasy dirt and takes the high hat of plait son.
The cook passes the height of his work hat ground distinct technique Class to Gao Ai Lai, experience is more abundant, Class more tall cook, earpiece height more high, can is divided into a cook long hat, cook's hat, kitchen work hat, hat plait of how much is also pay attention to, one earpiece Gao Ai Cheng's proportion.
The 2 people nimble-handed quick feet make change, old Liao has on that hat foot of head 29.5 Li rices have a liking for to pour to also have several cents, keeping of chef head, a clap a breast way:" Go out to appear in public like this."Yan nine then 10.The kitchen work of 5 Li rices hat exclusively be responsible for wash vegetables and slice to go together with of that kind of, cook round don't arrive them.
2 people just wanted to go out, suddenly after death a suddenly and violently drank:"You two stems that whet Ceng what?Don't know today very favour?Come back quickly, also need to do a work!"
Liao learns soldier's wry smile to turn head, the kitchen in the center a waist and height about of person's party in government wear his Rang, a see a color's knowing this person is a kitchen inside's tallest management, total kitchen.
The total kitchen is the long hat that sees him first, see his face again, doubt way:"Who are you ?Isn't our kitchen of?"Basically to the Yan that wears a kitchen work hat nine turn a blind eye.
Liao learns a soldier to urgently win to living Zhi and stand you chest way:"I am just- come down from above, smell strange joss-stick come into nostrils, especially the idea comes in lo lo is which master in this Zhang Shao."The "top" of the 15th floors still has 8910 F, the words say unclearly not pure, that fatty total kitchen didn't also care and listenned to the compliment saying:"Wanted to run to steal teacher again?I that'crystal purple Tuo gold silk monkey'be show you 30 times to learn also can't."
Liao learned a soldier to lightly clap one Ma Pi of recording:"You that is the world an unique, it is what other people learn not come to extremely recruit."
Under the whole day of the cook take a big body similar, in addition to having a little bit of the side line and collar, dress Cape differentiation, basic alike with minor differences, the fatty total kitchen has never paid attention to Liao to learn a soldier body up wear similar to oneselfly, listenned to a compliment of"big kitchen", complacent:"By a happy chance dinner someone ordered this vegetables, I just order a kitchen to start in of, the your nose pours to still pretty work properly, so far smell."
A kitchen can have a big kitchen, the tallest level of representative's kitchen, old Liao's compliment, not the Di is a cook of same Class to his formal acknowledgement.
"Nose if ineffective, how to be a cook, " Liao learns a soldier to clap Yan nine shoulders to say:"Now saw to have no, the master's kitchen was how of?Somebody else's partner moderates more, which be like you this is clumsy."
The Yan is nine to quickly leave, see old Liao Wu from entangled, anxiously say:"Teacher, not is say to purchasing?It not go to Huang Hua Cai and Be getting cooler again."
The fatty cook is a lord that likes to brag, with difficulty have a Mu to since then observe and learn, how willing to give up they walk and come forward a top the step start to pull old Liao, thriving way:"Now that you go through many hardships to want to steal teacher to learn a skill, I not my broom from Jean, see have no, that camel hump I exactly go together with to anticipate with 18 kinds.The camel hump flavor was original and then weighed very much, I connected to use'ascend eight Jeans'of deer Jin, camel hump and monkey head, is BE crystal, purple Tuo and gold silk, three set off by contrast each other, become the pole of flavor to."Just persistently introduce the characteristics of "crystal purple silk of Tuo gold", don't explain to create among them to him of detail.
Liao learns a soldier to pour to carry on the back hands, one vice- big kitchen snob appeal, act with dignity of Han head:"Is wonderful, unexpectatively you can make use of so and connect to use not ascend eight flavors of three of Jeanses, the taste is absolutely top-grade."

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